Dr. Bryan Robinson

Dr. Bryan Robinson is an author of over 30 books including the classic text on work-life balance, Chained to a Desk: A Guidebook for Workaholics, Daily Writing Resilience, The Smart Guide to Managing Stress, The Art of Confident Living, and his newly released best seller- #Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn on Your Life. Robinson's research on work-life balance is the cornerstone of professional's understanding on workaholism, the perils of over-achievement, and strategies for balance and resiliency.

Fritzie Fritzshall

A closing moderated panel will feature Fritzie Fritzshall, a noted Holocaust survivor, who was interned in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1944. She is currently the President of the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Educational Center and her story and narriation is part of the "Voices of Auschwitz" permanent exhibit at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Fritzshall is featured in the ground-breaking "holographic" award-winning immeresive exhibit found at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. Her insights on survival, thriving, and resiliency are life-changing.

Dr. Joy Miller

Joy Miller, PhD, LCPC, MAC is the founder of Resiliency 2019. Miller is an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, professional trainer, and author. Miller has authored seven books on relationships, resiliency, Holocaust studies, and co-dependency. She has appeared on Oprah Winfrey, Jenny Jones, Montel Williams, Sally Jessy Raphael and hosted a mental health segment on local ABC and CBS affiliates for 18 years.

Monica Paker

Monica Parker is an author, comedian, director, tv-screen actor, and an expert on resiliency with a touch of humor. Parker's credits include A Perfect Murder with Michael Douglas, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Nancy Drew, Police Academy 2, and her one woman Broadway show Sex, Pies & a Few White Lies. She is also the author and motivational speaker that focuses on resiliency. Parker will light up the room with her empowering focus on resiliency and thriving with her comedic touch.

Michelle Sullivan

Our team is combined with the the inspirational speaker and humanitarian, Michelle Sullivan. A TED talk speaker in high demand, she has been featured as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women, a speaker with Michelle Obama at her Girl Celebration event, a focus of a Glamour Magazine feature on powerful woman. Michelle will be releasing a new book called Looking Up Harper Collins, which focuses on being under-estimated and the power of resiliency.